Saturday, December 5, 2009

PSP Live TV 0.4

PSP Live TV 0.4
PSP Live TV 0.4 PSP Homebrew Developer nickxab has only release nonetheless another update right away for his renouned Homebrew Application well known as PSP Live TV 0.4 which a ealier chronicle has been release. So what is PSP Live TV 0.4 , is a PSP Homebrew to watch streaming TV on your PSP around WIFI. This new PSP Homebrew PSP Live TV 0.4 has a following underline added and or fix The HighMemMod was added again and it appear to be working excellent now.
This is what a developer had to contend about PSP Live TV 0.4
This an application which lets you to watch TV in yur psp with a wifi. It is a alteration of a PSPTube which can fool around a little streams. Now it contains 52 TV streams. Now it has a HighMemMod for improved aegis speed though it still needs a quick internet connection.Maybe it will need to aegis for 1-2 mins until you watch a channel.
Installation instruction Guide for PSP Live TV 0.4
Copy a PSP printed matter in a memory hang root.
You can use it with a bubbletune’s diversion categories plugin too.
Now for a streams.
Open a printed matter called “streams” which contained in a archieve and you will see a little folders with names from countries.
Take a channel(s) you want and put it/them in a favorites printed matter in a /PSP/GAME/PSP LIVE TV/ folder.
Also there is a printed matter called “” which has a streams from a j13dj’s version.
Download Location for PSP Homebrew PSP Live TV 0.4
Location 1 –
Location 2 –

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